“Enhancing Precision and Safety in Plastic Injection: The Role of Swivel Hoist Rings”

“Enhancing Precision and Safety in Plastic Injection: The Role of Swivel Hoist Rings”

Plastic injection molding is a crucial manufacturing process that has revolutionized various industries, from automotive to electronics. Its precision and efficiency rely on a myriad of factors, and one often overlooked component that plays a significant role is the swivel hoist ring. In this blog post, we’ll explore the synergy between plastic injection and swivel hoist rings, highlighting their importance in improving both the quality and safety of the manufacturing process.

   The Marriage of Plastic Injection and Swivel Hoist Rings

Reducing Downtime

Downtime can be a costly issue in manufacturing. Swivel hoist rings simplify mold changes, significantly reducing the time it takes to switch from one production run to another. Their ergonomic design allows for quick and efficient mold attachment and detachment, which translates to increased production efficiency and profitability.

Ensuring Worker Safety

The safety of workers in a plastic injection facility is a must. Swivel hoist rings contribute to a safer working environment by providing a reliable and secure means of handling heavy molds and equipment. Their 180-degree pivoting and 360-degree rotation capabilities enable operators to position molds safely.

Enhancing Versatility

Swivel hoist rings are not limited to just mold handling. They can be used for various tasks within a plastic injection facility, such as lifting and positioning auxiliary equipment or assisting in maintenance activities.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Investing in high-quality swivel hoist rings may come with an initial expense, but their durability and longevity pay off in the long run. Their robust construction ensures they can withstand the rigors of a manufacturing environment, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance, ultimately saving costs.


In the world of plastic injection molding, every small improvement can have a significant impact on product quality, production efficiency, and worker safety. Swivel hoist rings are one such improvement that often goes unnoticed but plays a vital role in enhancing the overall process. By maximizing precision, reducing downtime, ensuring worker safety, enhancing versatility, and providing long-term cost savings, swivel hoist rings prove to be indispensable tools for manufacturers looking to stay competitive and deliver high-quality plastic products.

So, whether you are already using swivel hoist rings or considering their implementation, recognizing their role in plastic injection can lead to a more efficient and effective manufacturing operation.


“Wind Farm Safety Challenges and the Perfect Solution, Codipro USA Swivel Hoist Rings and Fall Protection Anchorage Points” 

“Wind Farm Safety Challenges and the Perfect Solution, Codipro USA Swivel Hoist Rings and Fall Protection Anchorage Points” 

The Wind Energy Revolution and Its Safety Challenges:

The rise of wind energy has been nothing short of revolutionary, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Wind turbines often stand hundreds of feet tall, subjecting Installation and maintenance crews to risky tasks at considerable heights. These tasks include installation, maintenance, and repair activities, all of which require unwavering attention to safety.

Introducing Swivel Hoist Rings: A Game-Changer in Wind Farm Safety:

 Swivel hoist rings, often referred to as safety-engineered lifting devices, have emerged as a game-changing solution to enhance safety during wind farm operations. These specialized rings provide a versatile and secure attachment point for lifting and rigging applications. What sets them apart is their ability to rotate 360 degrees, minimizing the risk of torsion and reducing the likelihood of accidents due to unexpected load shifts. Codipro USA offers Swivel Hoist Rings and Fall Protection Anchorage points designed to maximize safety on a Wind Farm.

Advantages of Swivel Hoist Rings in Wind Farm Operations:

  • 360-Degree Rotation: The swiveling feature of these rings allows for greater flexibility in load orientation, reducing strain on rigging and lifting equipment and improving load control during complex lifting maneuvers. Not all lifting points are designed to swivel under load, it’s imperative that you check the use recommendations prior to use.  All Codipro-USA Hoist Rings are designed to safely swivel under load.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear: Traditional fixed attachment points can lead to excessive wear on ropes, cables, and other lifting components. Swivel hoist rings distribute loads more evenly, extending the lifespan of equipment.
  • Enhanced Worker Safety: By minimizing load torsion and improving load stability, swivel hoist rings contribute to safer lifting operations, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to maintenance crews, when installed properly and inspected before each use.
  • Time Efficiency: Swivel hoist rings enable faster and smoother rigging, eliminating the need for constant adjustments and reducing downtime during critical maintenance tasks.

The added safety, flexibility, ease of use, and time efficiency makes Codipro USA your choice for Swivel Hoist Rings and Fall Protection Anchorage Points for Wind Farm installations and maintenance.  Find out more about what we can offer at www.codipro-usa.com.

“Codipro’s “On the Move” with the Wind Energy Industry” 

“Codipro’s “On the Move” with the Wind Energy Industry” 

Codipro Hoist Rings are commonly used in the onshore and offshore wind energy industry for lifting purposes. Codipro USA specializes in the design and manufacturing of swivel hoist rings, including fall protection anchorage points. These hoist rings are specifically engineered to provide safe and efficient lifting solutions in various industries, including wind energy.

In the wind energy sector, Codipro Hoist Rings are utilized during the installation, maintenance, and repair of wind turbines. They play a crucial role in lifting and handling heavy components such as turbine blades, nacelles, tower sections, and other equipment. These hoist rings are designed to withstand high loads and ensure secure lifting operations, which are essential for the safety of personnel and equipment in the wind energy industry.

Codipro Hoist Rings are known for their robust construction, reliability, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. They are made from high-strength materials such as alloy steel and are available in different load capacities and thread sizes to accommodate specific lifting requirements. These hoist rings typically feature a swivel mechanism that allows for multidirectional movement, making them versatile for various lifting angles and positions.

Furthermore, Codipro Hoist Rings undergo rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure their performance and durability. They are engineered to offer high working load limits and the reliability needed when making heavy and complex lifts.

Overall, Codipro Hoist Rings are widely recognized and trusted in the onshore and offshore wind energy industry for their strength, reliability, and safety features, making them an essential component of lifting operations in this sector.

“Our Mega DSS just got more MEGA! ” 

“Our Mega DSS just got more MEGA! ” 

   Codipro USA is known as the Heavy Lift Specialists.  Our Hoist Rings tend to have higher Working Load Limit (WLL) than similar Hoist Rings already, but the big news is that our Mega DSS Hoist Rings just got an even higher WLL.  As seen in the charts below, the WLL for our Mega DSS Hoist Rings have increased by over 20% for most sizes:


Being that the US market has a lot of heavy lifting, the choice is clear….Codipro’s Mega DSS is the answer.  While not stocked in the US currently, lead time only ranges from 10-15 days in most cases.  We look forward to being your Heavy Lift choice for Hoist Rings, Codipro-USA!

“On the Move with Codipro USA” 

“On the Move with Codipro USA” 

   If you follow our LinkedIn page or have visited our www.codipro-usa.com website lately, you’ve seen that we’ve been busy.  We’re “On the Move” and want to show you how we work hand and hand with our Distributors and the End Users of our Codipro Hoist Rings.  We’re accessible and want to get out and work with you.  Since our inception we’ve always sold thru distribution, but we do work directly with End Users.  Our goal is to show that we are all over the country working, and the various industries that we serve.  Sitting behind a desk selling isn’t our style.  We prefer to be on the road, face to face, meeting our Distributors and End Users.  Plus, when you see and touch a Codipro Hoist Ring you get a better understanding of the Quality, Craftsmanship, and Safety that we offer.  Seeing the applications, the plants that they’re used in, and identifying what someone is currently using to lift helps us to offer a solution that may be safter and better suited to their need.  We’ve always been a hands on, blue collar style company.  When you get your hands dirty vs sitting in an office, it also adds the personal angle and build the relationships that we as a company value.  Whether you buy 1 Hoist Ring or 1000 Hoist Rings, we treat you with the same respect, and value each customer.  So if you’d like us to get “On the Move” to your company or Distributor, just reach out to us, because, changes are, we’ll be “On the Move” near you soon!  Hope to connect and work with you to satisfy your customers, as well as grow Codipro-USA. 

“Codipro-USA, Your new Long Bolt Hoist Ring Supplier! ” 

“Codipro-USA, Your new Long Bolt Hoist Ring Supplier! ” 

   When your customer needs a longer bolt Hoist Ring, typically it’s a rush.  In the past, Codipro USA would receive an RFQ then provide the quote with the lead time.  Quotes were sent out quickly, we offered competitive pricing, but our  lead times were too long (Typically 10-15 days).  As noted, 15 days doesn’t work when it’s a rush, so most times we’d lose the order. 

   Forming Codipro USA and having a massive stock in TX was step 1 of our many growth goals.  Another huge growth goal was to be able to cut and ship long bolt Hoist Rings from our TX warehouse.  As you may have seen on our Codipro USA LinkedIn page (Please follow), we are now offering Long Bolts in TX! 

  In early January Codipro’s Director (Chistophe) and Product manager (Michael) came to TX to setup the workshop, provide training, and implement guidelines and protocols for each bolt cut.  Safety is always vital to our success, so learning to use proper safety wear and how to handle the bolts while cutting was also a huge focus.  Prior to their arrival, Codipro USA received an inventory of Hoist Rings that had very long bolts on them.  Already assembled, the process then becomes simply cutting the bolt to match the customer specs. 

   We started a marketing campaign letting end users and distributors know that we’re now cutting long bolt Hoist Rings in house in TX.  What this process looks like is simple, PO received, bolts cut same day, order ships same day.  No more 15-day lead times, much faster service and delivery.  Since we’ve gone live with this operation we’ve cut and shipped longer bolts daily.  If you or your customer has a need for longer bolt Hoist Rings, Codipro USA IS your source.  With our large inventory on hand, quick quoting, bolts cut and shipped same day, why choose anyone else?

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