“Swivel Hoist Rings & Plastic Injection Mold Industry”

In the Plastic Injection Mold Industry, safety while lifting is of vital importance. If any mold is lifted off the ground, there is the potential for any number of issues that could cause the load to shift or fall to the ground. Aside from damaging the Mold, operators can be seriously injured or hurt. Thus safety while lifting should be the most important aspect of any lift.

Eyebolts VS Swivel Hoist Rings

For years the go to in lifting within the Mold Industry used to be Eyebolts or Shoulder Eyebolts. For smaller, lighter molds and simple lifts, these did the trick. The limitations on Eyebolts are many. They are often misused and side loaded, which will cause them to bend and/or break over time. Being that eye bolts are so inexpensive, they are simply thrown out and replaced. Also, eyebolts tend to have lower WLL than Hoist Rings. Swivel Hoist Rings can be used in a much broader range of motion. CODIPRO hoist rings can be side loaded and used to rotate under load. The WLL on a Hoist Ring is much higher than an Eyebolt. Although Swivel Hoist Rings will always cost more, the risk of them bending or breaking is much lower when adhering to the use recommendations of the product. They last much longer, so over time, Hoist Rings tend to cost much less than Eyebolts because they don’t need replaced like the Eyebolts do. One huge advantage with Codipro Hoist Rings is that they meet the ASME lifting standards for under the hook devices. They have a 5 to 1 safety factor and each Codipro Hoist Rings is individually serialized. As for their longevity, Codipro also offers a 7 year manufacturers warranty when they are registered thru our Coditracer app by the customer. The ROI on a Codipro Hoist ring far outweighs that of an Eyebolt.

A Global Company

Codipro is a Global Company, meaning they can be sourced anywhere around the world. This is important primarily when they become spec’d in. If an End User specifies Codipro, they know that no matter where their Mold is made, they can be sure that Codipro can be sourced and used on their new Molds. This may not seem like a big deal, but if they cannot source the specified product, they’ll normally use something similar. When they get the molds, they may need to purchase the specified Hoist Ring causing unneeded extra costs.

When considering using an Eyebolt or a Codipro Hoist Ring, always consider the long range costs and benefits that Codipro offers. Plan ahead, plan for safety!

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