CODIPRO is the Specialist for Specific Swivel Lifting Rings

CODIPRO adapts to your needs : specific bolt, thread, spacer, customization of your lifting rings or other exclusive requests.
Specific Bolt Length
  • Partially threaded bolts
  • Nut and washer available on request
  • Special bolt lengths
Special Thread
  • Realization of specific threads on request
  • Please refer to chapter « Other » in E-BOOK for the thread chart
Double Centring
  • Ensures perfect stability of the ring during the lifting operation
  • avoids the use of an oversized lifting ring
Bell Type Lifting Ring
  • Similar application as for female hoist rings but specially designed for threaded shafts with a large diameter but low weights to lift
  • Available for all thread types
Custom Marking
  • Available on the entire product range
  • ALITAG (metal plate) on request
Surface Treatment
  • White zinc plating
  • Black zinc plating
  • Yellow zinc chromate plating
  • Nickel plating
  • Black oxide plating
  • Phosphate coating
  • Hard chrome plating
  • Special color
Miscellaneous Applications
  • All customized systems developed by CODIPRO are approved
  • If the design of the workpiece to be lifted prevents the mobility of the shackle, this system solves the issue by moving away
  • Custom manufacturing and certification
Thread Adaptor (ADA)
  • The thread adaptor ADA is designed to allow a smaller thread size lifting ring to be used in a larger tapped hole
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