“Applications in Lashing, Heavy Transport”

Load Securing:

One of the primary applications of swivel hoist rings in lashing heavy transport is load securing. Oversized and irregularly shaped loads, such as machinery, industrial equipment, and construction materials, often require secure anchoring points during transit. Swivel hoist rings provide reliable attachment points, preventing load shifting, sliding, or tipping, which can lead to accidents and damage during transport.

Versatile Attachment:

The versatility of swivel hoist rings make them a great option for lasting in heavy transport. They can be affixed to various anchor points on the load, accommodating irregular shapes or configurations. This flexibility is especially useful when securing heavy machinery with multiple attachment points or unique load geometries.

Load Positioning and Adjustment:

Swivel hoist rings continue to provide value even after the load is secured. During transit, if adjustments are needed to redistribute the load’s weight or make it more aerodynamic, the swiveling feature allows for real-time adjustments without the need for re-rigging or unloading.

Offshore and Marine Transport:

In sectors such as offshore drilling and marine transport, where heavy equipment must be loaded onto ships or offshore platforms, swivel hoist rings are instrumental. They facilitate safe and precise lifting and lowering of equipment onto vessels or offshore structures, even in challenging marine environments.

Construction Site Mobility:

Construction sites often require the relocation of heavy machinery or materials within the site. Swivel hoist rings assist in lifting and positioning these items, aiding in construction progress and make these lift points a safe and quick option.  Swivel Hoist Rings are also often on site at various Construction or Installation sites meaning, quick attachment and safe lifting. 

In lashing heavy transport, the versatility, safety, and efficiency provided by swivel hoist rings are indispensable. Whether it’s securing, lifting, positioning, or adjusting heavy loads, these devices enhance the overall safety and success of heavy transport operations, making them an integral part of the industry’s toolkit.


In the complex and demanding world of lashing heavy transport, where the movement of colossal loads is a daily challenge, the role of swivel hoist rings cannot be overstated.  Through a thorough exploration of their applications, benefits, selection criteria, and best practices, it is clear that swivel hoist rings are pivotal in ensuring the safe and efficient transport of oversized and heavy loads.  Codipro USA stocks a full range of Swivel Hoist Rings that can be used for lashing in Heavy Transport.  To see what we can offer, please visit www.codipro-usa.com

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