“Codirpo Hoist Rings DO NOT have Clips on the bottom” 

“Codirpo Hoist Rings DO NOT have Clips on the bottom” 

   Each time we go into any facility that uses Hoist Rings I ask what brands they are currently using.  

   Honestly, most times they aren’t even sure what they use.  Once they show us what they are using, the first question I ask is, “Is there anything you don’t like about these Hoist Rings?”  The number 1 answer almost every time is, “I don’t like the clips.  They bend and break.”  When these clips bend and break, now you need replacement parts.

   You also can’t use that Hoist Ring until the new clip is put on, so these are placed out of service. (One factory had 2 55 gallon drums full of Hoist Ring parts.)  Factor in the time needed to “fix” the Hoist Rings once the replacement parts arrive and you’re talking wasted time, wasted energy, wasted money, and loss of productivity.  When do I mention these clips?  Codipro doesn’t have clips. 

   The bottom is flat, makes flush contact, and you don’t have to worry about the clip becoming loose and the Hoist Ring falling apart.  It may seem minor, but this is a very important factor when picking out which Hoist Ring brand to use. 

   Safety and productivity are two of the biggest goals for any Hoist Ring user.  Codipro USA offers both with our Hoist Rings.

“Asking the right questions when using Hoist Rings for a lift” 

“Asking the right questions when using Hoist Rings for a lift” 

   Many factors go into picking the proper Hoist Ring to use. You need to ask yourself, is the hole threaded?  Is it tapped deep enough to ensure that the hoist ring is making flush contact with whatever it’s lifting?  Is there anything in the way that would limit the movement of the Hoist Ring?  What are you lifting?  How many lifting points will be used?  What is the weight of the item you’re lifting?  Will there be any angles if you’re using a sling (Nylon, wire rope, or chain)?  Have you consulted the Lifting Angle chart?   

   This may seem very daunting and a lot to take in, but these are all questions you should be asking yourself or your customer when picking out the proper Hoist Ring. 

   If you need help with any of these items, Codipro USA’s dedicated sales team is here to help.  We can review your lift, ask the proper questions, and provide you with the best solution for your lift. 

   After all, if any of these steps are skipped or you assume anything, you’re putting your workers, your load, and your facility in danger.  Safety is and always has to be the number one priority when making any lift.  I’ve heard just this week, “We screw them in and lift and kind of hold our breathe that it works and doesn’t fall.”  This should NEVER be your mindset, if it is you shouldn’t be making any lifts. 

   Let us take the uncertainty out of a potential unsafe lift, we’ll asses the situation and provide the safest alternative available.  What is the cost of safety?  It’s knowing that you’ve done all you can and have asked the right questions to ensure a safe, worry free lift.  Codipro USA has the solution and Hoist Rings that you need, contact us today, we’re ready to assist! 

“We Have the Inventory” 

“We Have the Inventory” 

   When Codipro USA was formed, perhaps the biggest initial impact that we could have on the Hoist Ring market was simply to have stock on hand.  At the time having a bigger warehouse in TX meant we now have to fully stock that warehouse.  We knew that especially in TX, if the product is on the shelf, the product will move off that shelf and turn into a sale. 

   Coming out of Covid, many companies in the US have faced and still are facing supply and sourcing issues with raw materials needed to make their products.  Codipro USA listened to the experts who all predicted these shortages and acted accordingly.  We upped our inventory, originally at 3X inventory levels of the past, to 5X.  

   Inventory is a calculated gamble, keeping too much on hand can lead to other issues, but Codipro USA knew that if we were stocked properly and our Distributors knew of these levels, the Hoist Rings would move.  And thanks to our dedicated sales teams and our distributors who we consider partners, inventory is moving.  When a distributor calls us to cross reference an item that has a 14-16 week backorder, we are able to quote, process the PO, and ship the same day.  Locally we’re having many TX distributors pick up orders right from the warehouse.  

   Our goal has always been pretty simple, great product, great customer service, Inventory on hand, and fast quoting and shipping.  Having inventory on hand makes the first two much easier to achieve and we’re proud of what we can offer to our distributors.  If you’re facing long lead times, call Codipro USA, we’re here to help and we have the inventory needed on hand and on the shelf, ready to ship!  

“Codipro-USA, Who Are We?

“Codipro-USA, Who Are We?

   Codipro USA was formed to better serve the North American Hoist Ring Market.  Bringing well over 20 year of Hoist Ring experience, Codipro USA is well positioned to be your Hoist Ring experts.  We were founded by Ben Cop, a former Codipro employee who handled some of the largest markets in the world.  With Codipro being a global company, Ben was responsible for China, India, and the United States.

   Seeing that the market with the most growth potential was the United States, Ben moved his family to Texas to open Codipro USA on 1/1/2019.  Codipro has had a presence in the United States for roughly 10 years, but its stake in the Hoist Ring market share wasn’t where it needed to be.  To attain a larger share we opened a much larger location in Spring TX.  We moved all operations from our original location in Greensburg PA to Spring TX with bigger offices and 5 times the warehouse space, Codipro USA is now able to carry a much larger inventory meaning that when you or your customer need a Hoist Ring, chances are it’ll be on the shelf and ready to ship.  The move also freed up more time for our Sales Manager Jim Aujay to focus on sales and attaining new business.  All sales at Codipro USA are done thru distribution, but we do work closely with the End Users of our products to ensure that they’re getting, using, and understanding which Codipro product best suits them and offers them the highest level of safety possible.  

   We don’t only sell Hoist Rings, we sell Safety.  With the experience and knowledge of our dedicated sales team, Codipro USA can work with you to find the best lifting solution possible. In 2021, Diana joined the team and is now handling all day-to-day administrative taskes, i.e accounts payables and receivables, processing all PO’s,.. She has brought a different approach and implement some nice upgrades in our processes.

   Our hands on approach, working closely with our distributors and their end users, differentiates Codipro USA from the competition.  We’re always available to discuss any issues that may arise, we provide timely quotes, and same day shipping.  We know how important it is for our Codipro Hoist Rings to be available and arrive quickly to the end user.  Each day waiting for Hoist Rings is a day wasted, and time equals money.  We’re always happy to cross reference any product and offer a Codipro solution.  We have many new initiatives that’ll take place at year end and moving into 2023.  Grow with us, we’d be happy to have you! 


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