“Why wait?” 

   Usually when making a lift or utilizing a lift plan, the last item thought of or purchased are Hoist Rings.  I’m not sure why, but I assume people just think they’ll be readily available and when issuing a PO, they’ll arrive quickly.  Many end users of Hoist Rings are realizing that isn’t always the case in the last year or so.  Why is this?  Many Hoist Ring manufacturers, when asked to quote, are giving lead times of 16 to 20 weeks or more for standard items.  The pandemic can be blamed for some of this in that the raw materials needed to make Hoist Rings aren’t always readily available.  This is a huge inconvenience for the Hoist Ring users.  It can hold up projects, delay lifts, and ultimately cost them a lot of time and money.  When this happens there are really only two options to consider….bite the bullet and wait, or try to find a suitable alternative that IS available and comparable to what they need. 

   This is where Codipro USA comes in.  Seeing trends within the Hoist Ring market in the US, Codipro USA made the choice to up our inventory to provide an alternative and eliminate lead time issues that Customers and Distributors have been facing. We have a huge inventory of UNC and Metric Hoist Rings on the shelf.  We meet or exceed many of our competitors when it comes to WLL, Torque Rating, and overall weight of the unit.  But MOST importantly, we have Hoist Rings that are available.  We regularly get calls asking us to cross reference our Hoist Rings with other brands that are experiencing long lead times.  When we’re able to deliver, it helps the distributor and the end user of our products.  The distributor often looks like a hero who goes above and beyond to solve their customers issues, and ultimately a happy customer is everyone’s goal.  If you’re faced with this situation, you can wait, or you can act.  Call Codipro and offer an alternative to your customer today, we’re here to talk your call or email. 

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