“What is a Swivel Hoist Ring?” 

   When people hear the word “Swivel Hoist Ring” they instantly think “Hoist”.  A Swivel Hoist Rings is a lifting device that is far different than a Hoist.  A Swivel Hoist Ring is a below the hook lifting device that is screwed into a machined hole.  A Swivel Hoist Rings basically consists of 3 parts, a shackle or Bail, A collar, and a bolt.  The Bolt consists of a threaded portion that can be screwed into a hole to make a lift.  The Shackle or Bail portion is used to attached the Hoist Ring to a crane hook, nylon sling, chain sling, or wire rope sling.  The Collar is where the internal components are, some have bearings, or an internal Grease to help them move and turn.  Codipro Hoist Rings have an Anti-Tribalcorrosion grease, no bearings. 

   What makes a Hoist Ring unique is the ability to move and turn 360 degrees and 180 degrees.  It’ll self align with the sling angle and can be used to lift heavy weights.  Swivel Hoist Rings typically have a much higher WLL (Working Load Limit) than standard eyebolts or shouldered eyebolts.  This is beneficial when you have heavier weights to lift, plus it adds a layer of safety.  Eye Bolts typically bend or break over time and they are thrown away, unable to be fix or repaired.  Hoist Rings can be repaired. 

    When making a lift with an eyebolt, unless it is a true vertical lift, you run the risk of the WLL being de-rated.  Codipro Hoist Rings have been tested in both vertical and side load orientations.  Based on those test results Codipro provides a load angle chart that will give you the total weight to lift based on the lifting configuration.  See below: 

   The last component for the proper use of a Hoist Ring is adhering to the tightening torque on the unit.  By torquing the Hoist Ring, you’re ensuring that the threads are properly engaged adding to the overall safety advantage that a Hoist Ring provides.  To learn more about Hoist Rings and the various styles that Codipro-USA  offers, please visit www.codipro-usa.com.

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