“We Have the Inventory” 

   When Codipro USA was formed, perhaps the biggest initial impact that we could have on the Hoist Ring market was simply to have stock on hand.  At the time having a bigger warehouse in TX meant we now have to fully stock that warehouse.  We knew that especially in TX, if the product is on the shelf, the product will move off that shelf and turn into a sale. 

   Coming out of Covid, many companies in the US have faced and still are facing supply and sourcing issues with raw materials needed to make their products.  Codipro USA listened to the experts who all predicted these shortages and acted accordingly.  We upped our inventory, originally at 3X inventory levels of the past, to 5X.  

   Inventory is a calculated gamble, keeping too much on hand can lead to other issues, but Codipro USA knew that if we were stocked properly and our Distributors knew of these levels, the Hoist Rings would move.  And thanks to our dedicated sales teams and our distributors who we consider partners, inventory is moving.  When a distributor calls us to cross reference an item that has a 14-16 week backorder, we are able to quote, process the PO, and ship the same day.  Locally we’re having many TX distributors pick up orders right from the warehouse.  

   Our goal has always been pretty simple, great product, great customer service, Inventory on hand, and fast quoting and shipping.  Having inventory on hand makes the first two much easier to achieve and we’re proud of what we can offer to our distributors.  If you’re facing long lead times, call Codipro USA, we’re here to help and we have the inventory needed on hand and on the shelf, ready to ship!  

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