“Using a Hoist Ring if the hole isn’t threaded, Our Double Centering option.” 

   Typically a Hoist Ring will be threaded into a hole, torqued, and then used to make a lift.  What happens if what you’re attempting to lift has a hole, but that hole isn’t threaded?

   The above listed scenario can cause a lot of safety issues, meaning unsafe lifting practices are used.  We’ve seen J Hooks inserted and lifting using the tip.  This is beyond unsafe and puts too much pressure on the tip that isn’t rated for lifting, and can bend or break.  We’ve also come across many “Homemade” applications.  Again, not rated for lifting and a clear OSHA violation.  The most common “solution” is to use a hoist ring as close to the hole diameter you can get, and to put a nut and washer on the bottom.  The problem with this scenario is that if the bolt is not firmly against the outer diameter of the hole, this might eventually lead that bolt to bend. 

   Codipro’s solution is to provide a certified, serialized, lifting solution, THE Double Centering.  Let’s say what you’re lifting weighs 15,000 pounds, the unthreaded hole is 12 inches deep and the hole diameter is 3 inches.  With our Double Centering, instead of the bottom of the Hoist Ring being flat, we’d use a raised portion that would be 3 inches in diameter and it would countersink into the hole.  On the bottom side, we’d offer a centering washer w/ a nut.  We can make the bolt whatever length we need to get thru the hole and leave enough thread on the bottom side to accept the Centering washing and a nut.  Fully customizable based on weight of the load, hole diameter, and bolt length needed.

   The next time you’re faced with this scenario, please remember Codipro-USA and our Double Centering solution.  Please keep in mind, being that these are a special, 1 off, lifting solution, lead time would run roughly 15-20 days.  As stated earlier, all are individually serialized and come w/ a certificate of conformity.  An approved, certified, lifting solution adds safety and peace of mind that a safe lift can be made without anyone being hurt.  Safety should always be a priority, and Codipro’s Double Centering provides just that.  www.codipro-usa.com

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