“Codipro-USA, Your new Long Bolt Hoist Ring Supplier! ” 

   When your customer needs a longer bolt Hoist Ring, typically it’s a rush.  In the past, Codipro USA would receive an RFQ then provide the quote with the lead time.  Quotes were sent out quickly, we offered competitive pricing, but our  lead times were too long (Typically 10-15 days).  As noted, 15 days doesn’t work when it’s a rush, so most times we’d lose the order. 

   Forming Codipro USA and having a massive stock in TX was step 1 of our many growth goals.  Another huge growth goal was to be able to cut and ship long bolt Hoist Rings from our TX warehouse.  As you may have seen on our Codipro USA LinkedIn page (Please follow), we are now offering Long Bolts in TX! 

  In early January Codipro’s Director (Chistophe) and Product manager (Michael) came to TX to setup the workshop, provide training, and implement guidelines and protocols for each bolt cut.  Safety is always vital to our success, so learning to use proper safety wear and how to handle the bolts while cutting was also a huge focus.  Prior to their arrival, Codipro USA received an inventory of Hoist Rings that had very long bolts on them.  Already assembled, the process then becomes simply cutting the bolt to match the customer specs. 

   We started a marketing campaign letting end users and distributors know that we’re now cutting long bolt Hoist Rings in house in TX.  What this process looks like is simple, PO received, bolts cut same day, order ships same day.  No more 15-day lead times, much faster service and delivery.  Since we’ve gone live with this operation we’ve cut and shipped longer bolts daily.  If you or your customer has a need for longer bolt Hoist Rings, Codipro USA IS your source.  With our large inventory on hand, quick quoting, bolts cut and shipped same day, why choose anyone else?

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