“Asking the right questions when using Hoist Rings for a lift” 

   Many factors go into picking the proper Hoist Ring to use. You need to ask yourself, is the hole threaded?  Is it tapped deep enough to ensure that the hoist ring is making flush contact with whatever it’s lifting?  Is there anything in the way that would limit the movement of the Hoist Ring?  What are you lifting?  How many lifting points will be used?  What is the weight of the item you’re lifting?  Will there be any angles if you’re using a sling (Nylon, wire rope, or chain)?  Have you consulted the Lifting Angle chart?   

   This may seem very daunting and a lot to take in, but these are all questions you should be asking yourself or your customer when picking out the proper Hoist Ring. 

   If you need help with any of these items, Codipro USA’s dedicated sales team is here to help.  We can review your lift, ask the proper questions, and provide you with the best solution for your lift. 

   After all, if any of these steps are skipped or you assume anything, you’re putting your workers, your load, and your facility in danger.  Safety is and always has to be the number one priority when making any lift.  I’ve heard just this week, “We screw them in and lift and kind of hold our breathe that it works and doesn’t fall.”  This should NEVER be your mindset, if it is you shouldn’t be making any lifts. 

   Let us take the uncertainty out of a potential unsafe lift, we’ll asses the situation and provide the safest alternative available.  What is the cost of safety?  It’s knowing that you’ve done all you can and have asked the right questions to ensure a safe, worry free lift.  Codipro USA has the solution and Hoist Rings that you need, contact us today, we’re ready to assist! 

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